‘Maple Syrup Coordinator’ Among Canada’s Most Unusual Job Titles: LinkedIn

After announcing it now has 10 million members in our fine country, LinkedIn shared with us “the 10 most unusual job titles in Canada.”

  • Maple syrup coordinator: A project coordinator for maple syrup production.
  • Polo referee: An official who arbitrates polo matches.
  • Archeobotanist: An academic who studies plant remains from archeological sites.
  • Harpist: A musician who plays a harp.
  • Wildlife technician: Someone who assists scientists working in wildlife management and animal biology.
  • Forest rehabilitator: A person who works to halt or reverse forest degradation and logging.
  • Mahout: Someone who keeps and rides elephants.
  • Astro-numerologist: A person who deciphers numbers and planetary movement to explain and/or predict events in people’s lives.
  • Pet stylist: Someone responsible for maintaining pets’ appearance and hygiene.
  • Corn detasseler: A person who removes the pollen-producing flowers from the tops of corn plants and places them in the ground to cross-breed two varieties of corn.

We’re not sure what’s so unusual about a harpist, but “maple syrup coordinator” is distinctly Canadian.

LinkedIn says “over half of our nation’s potential workforce” is a member of LinkedIn. The company added that membership in Canada has grown by 24% since 2013. Since 2010, membership has more than quadrupled in size, according to the company.

LinkedIn also noted that Canada “continues to be one of the most active countries on the platform.” Globally, LinkedIn has 300 million members.