Most Canadians Believe Entrepreneurship – and Intrapreneurship – is on the Rise

80% of Canadians say they’ve seen a rise in entrepreneurship over the past five year.

This finding comes from the latest report on entrepreneurship by Regus, a provider of flexible workspaces. According to to the report, 12% of Canadians feel that female entrepreneurship and 8% believe serial entrepreneurship is on the rise.



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The report also shows that innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations—commonly referred to as “intrapreneurship“—is becoming increasingly popular as companies’ look to stay ahead of the curve.

When Regus investigated which measures companies believe are key to nurture intrapreneurs in their organization, 53% of respondents said having flexibility in when and where they work fosters innovation in the workplace, while updating or improving skills appealed to 45% and mixing staff from different functions to 34%. Access to senior management was viewed as an important driver of intrapreneurial success to 28%, according to the report, entitled “Entrepreneurship: Flourishing in tough conditions.”


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“True Intrapreneurs are motivated free thinkers, and they achieve the most success when they challenge the status quo,” explains Ferhan Bulca, Lead Instructor for Business Innovation Certificate Program at University of Toronto. “To breed this kind of innovative thinking in the workplace, flexibility in the way they work, like working from a different workspace, will benefit intrapreneurs, allowing them to get away from the 9-to-5 desk job in a potentially stifling corporate environment.”


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“There’s no doubt businesses are starting to foster entrepreneurship among their own employees,” added Wes Lenci, VP of Regus Canada. “Flexible working helps these kinds of employees go to a space that drives innovative thinking outside of their regular work routine.”


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