Canadian Startup Launches ‘Four Dimensional’ Search Engine, QuadLook

Toronto-based startup TTP Logic Group, a self-described “pioneer” of four dimensional search, has launched a beta search engine called QuadLook.

QuadLook categorizes search result content into four distinct quadrants for a “very fresh experience.” The quadrants each display a different type of result: the upper left quadrant displays standard website results, the upper right quadrant extracts images and videos from YouTube, the lower left quadrant presents blog and Wiki results, and the lower right quadrant pulls news and conversations from Twitter.

If one quadrant catches your eye, you can expand it with one click, and then then return to the four-dimension look with another click when you’re done. 

“After observing and thinking, we realized that people want a broader view of content in one place,” explains TTP on their website. “Rather than depending on a search engine to give you just a prioritized list on based on relevancy key words which can be influenced by companies, we found that most people like to see various sources on the topic of interest; from real time discussions, web pages, videos, images, news, knowledge based content and more. The more you can see related to the topic of interest, the better relevancy the user has on the information they want and need.”

It only took a couple of quick searches for me to become a fan of QuadLook. The quadrants are exactly the four types of searches I conduct the most; seeing them all at once is incredibly handy.