Canadian Startup Launches Platform That Promises Event Organizers Will Never Lose Money Again

Crowdsourcing is disrupting all sorts of industries these days. Events, which are crowds in and of themselves, are a naturally ripe target.

Toronto’s Picatic has launched a crowdfunding platform called EventTilt for the event ticketing and management space. The Canadian startup “guarantees successful events” by “completely eliminating risk for event organizers.”

How does it work? Organizers offer an exclusive perk to ticket buyers purchasing discounted tickets for the event, with the understanding that a preset number of discounted tickets need to be sold for the event to “tilt.” Once discounted tickets are sold, the event tilts and tickets go back up to full price. If the event doesn’t tilt, EventTilt refunds buyers 100% of their ticket price.


Dustin could have samed time and money had he used Picatic.


“Event organizers will never lose money again,” proclaims the company.

Picatic has offices in Saskatoon, Toronto, and San Francisco. The startup was founded in 2008 by Jayesh Parmar, the CEO; James Sapara, CTO; Depesh Parmar, COO; and Brett Ede, CMO. 

“EventTilt is changing the way we plan and market events,” says Jay. “Our goal is simple, create a platform that not only ensures events get the funding they need to be successful but also helps organizers engage with their most loyal supporters.”