Canadian Startup Linkitz Finds Itself at Intersection of Multiple Outside Transformations

Linkitz is a wearable electronic toy that allows kids to have fun while learning to program.

A Canadian hardware startup cofounded by CEO Lyssa Neel, Linkitz recently 2014 N100 Startup Competition. The Ontario-based company also was recently accepted into the 2014 HAXLR8R Fall cohort. Follow Linkitz on Twitter @Link_itz.

According to Neel, the time has come for a “maker movement.”

The time has come for the re-shoring of manufacturing in North America. The time has come for a shift in venture capital investment to hardware. And the time has come to close the technology gender gap.

At the intersection of these multiple transformations, says Neel, is Linkitz.

By winning N100, Neel and Macrae have secured a $100,000 early-stage investment from Northumberland CFDC to finalize, test and market their product.

“Wearables are the new black, and kids want their own. Linkitz makes smart and modular wearable toys that blink and buzz and will help kids learn programming too,” explains Andrew Macrae, CTO of Linkitz.

“Linkitz is already working with the prototyping and engineering team at a local Cobourg manufacturer,” said George Harvey, Chairman of the business development corporation that runs N100. “They will be establishing their headquarters and operations here in Northumberland where they will be able to leverage local innovation infrastructure and value-added partnerships.”

“A social toy and fashion item can motivate kids to learn more about technology. Building this type of confidence can help kids get comfortable with technology and grow from mere consumers to active creators,” Neel said.