Canadians Use the Internet More Than Any Other Country in the World (and Other Fun Facts)

Canadians rank first in the world when it comes to Internet usage, spending an average of 45 hours per month online. Canadians also spend more for broadband speed than 19 other internet-using countries.

These are just a couple of facts pulled from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s new 2013.CA Factbook, a compendium of research and data about the global domain name industry and .CA’s place therein. It also provides a glimpse into the state of the Internet in Canada.

“I believe that Canadians will find the information within the Factbook revealing,” says CIRA’s president and CEO, Byron Holland. “From the increasing consumption of media content online to the continued growth of .CA, the Factbook provides a snapshot of an Internet landscape in Canada and around the world that is constantly evolving.”



According to the Factbook, 49% of Canadians strongly prefer .ca versus 17% for .com for business; per viewer, Canada leads the world in viewing online video; and during the last five years, global registrations for domain names were up 70 per cent to almost 240 million domains online.

The site also reveals that Canada’s internet economy accounted for 3% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product in 2012, totalling $49 billion. And while it’s expected to grow 7.4% per year through 2016, it still falls short of the G20 GDP average of more than 4%.

Outside of facts, the website includes several charts, diagrams, and infographics.