Canadians Can’t Go One Day Without Checking Social Media, Study Says

One in three Canadians check their social media feeds daily, accrording to a recent report from the Media Technology Monitor.

More than two thirds of Canadians who use the internet are regular social media users, the report says, up six percent from 2011. And nearly two thirds of social media users in Canada check their feeds daily.

Facebook remains the most popular social network in Canada: 63 percent of internet users are active on Facebook and 93 percent of social networkers use the site regularly. Twitter is growing rapidly – 80 percent in one year – but remains small, with less than one in five internet users tweeting. LinkedIn had about the usage levels as Twitter – 18 percent of Canadian internet users – but is growing at a slower pace.

Even though the three social networks don’t really overlap in many ways, just seven percent of social media users in Canada use all three regularly, the MTM report states.