Capital One Expanding their Canadian Digital Studio

Though Capital One employees get to participate in a foosball tournament every year, that’s not the most innovative thing about this founder-led company.

Currently, Capital One is looking to improve their tech-savvy and are hiring for positions such as Data Analysts, Software Managers and Scrum Masters. After hiring over 30 people for their Canadian software studio, Capital One is looking to double that number.

According to company representative Laurel Ostfield, Capital One is looking to continue leading in the credit card space.

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“Before Capital One came into existence, there was one kind of credit card and if you didn’t fit that mould, you didn’t get a credit card,” she says.

She emphasizes the entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit that’s present across the company. With direct access to senior management, employees have the ability to voice their ideas and see them put into action.

“Basically we’ve created a place within the call centre where employees can voice insights from their time speaking with customers,” she says.

Ostfield elaborates on the different ways employee ideas are elevated to leadership and implemented and hopes to see more winning ideas come out of the company’s growing software studio.

Capital One University is another example of a company-run program that allows employees to upgrade their skills depending on where they believe they need more improvement. That’s one of the reasons, she says, that the talent they’re bringing in is so important.

“We have a really robust education and training program. We really support the idea of people who want to learn across one job family to another,” Ostfield says.

She goes on to say that one of the areas in which employees can improve their training is the digital space. She explains that the internet has changed the way people manage their money. Capital One is looking to stay on top of industry trends while serving a digital audience.

“Digital has created this opportunity to engage people with their money in ways that weren’t possible before,” she says.

While looking for ways to engage with the digital economy, Capital One promotes a culture of values and innovation. The annual foosball championship is just a bonus.

Here are some of the roles Capital One is currently looking to fill: Data Analyst, Senior Software Engineer (Mobile), Scrum Master Managerial Role and Master Software Engineer.

 “We are really looking for people who are looking to challenge the industry status for the sake of the customer. We put that challenge out to people to come and get to know us,” Ostfield says.