CareGuide Gets Too Many Investors, Crashes Angel List

CareGuide runs local service marketplaces including,, and

The Toronto startup has enjoyed double-digit monthly traffic and revenue growth since it launched its portfolio of sites two years ago.

CareGuide recently closed a $1.1 million seed round that included a whopping 50 investors, including five seed funds. But the round was too much for popular investment platform Angel List to handle.

In the process of updating CareGuide’s Angel List profile, co-founder John Philip Green managed to crash the site. Green confirmed with Angel List’s Kevin Montag that CareGuide attracted more investors than Angel List has ever had to deal with before and as a result their profile crashed.

According to Green, “Angel List was instrumental in meeting and closing so many investors. I used it as the hub for all activity. Angel List, for us, replaced the pitch deck the same way LinkedIn replaced my résumé years ago.”

Check out the complete list of CareGuide seed investors below:

  • 500 Startups
  • Aaron Dufall
  • Alex Black
  • Alkarim Nasser
  • Ameet Shah
  • Andrew D’Souza
  • Andrew Peek
  • Apostolos Apostolakis
  • Benjamin Yoskovitz
  • Bill Singleton
  • Brett Patrontasch
  • Brian Sharwood
  • Cameron Yuill
  • Chris Arsenault
  • Colin Jang
  • Corby Fine
  • Daniel Debow
  • Dave Arnsdorf
  • Dave Johnson
  • Dave McClure
  • Derek Szeto
  • Devon Galloway
  • Frank Barbieri
  • Garage Capital
  • George Babu
  • Hedgewood
  • iNovia Capital
  • Jevon McDonald
  • Jesse Rasch
  • Jillian Manus
  • Jim Pitkow
  • Jonas Brandon
  • Karamdeep Nijjar
  • Kevin Swan
  • LP Maurice
  • Mark MacLeod
  • Matt Mastracci
  • Michael Litt
  • Mike Greenfield
  • Mike McCauley
  • Mike Silagadze
  • Mike Walsh
  • Patrick Hankinson
  • Qaid Damji
  • Rahul Parmar
  • Ramesh Haridas
  • Rasool Rayani
  • Rob Laidlaw
  • Ryan Holmes
  • Satish Kanwar
  • Structure Capital
  • Ted Graham
  • Tim Lett
  • Tom Newbold
  • Tom Williams
  • Vikas Taneja