Carrot Rewards Brings on RBC as a Partner

An app that helps people stay active now has another reason for users to keep at it.

Carrot Rewards has announced that Canadians can now earn RBC Rewards points on the platform. Points can be earned in several different ways, but the majority are earned through meeting daily step goals. Users can also complete short surveys or link sponsored accounts for points as well.

“Joining hands with one of our country’s largest banks provides us with a terrific opportunity to accelerate our shared vision to make a positive impact on the everyday lifestyles of Canadians,” said Andreas Souvaliotis, CEO of Carrot Rewards. “Adding RBC Rewards to the menu of choices on the Carrot Rewards app will further boost our platform’s unique relevance and popularity.”

There is now currently six different types of rewards Carrot users can earn through walking every day: Aeroplan Miles, Drop points, More rewards, Petro-Points, Scene points, and RBC Rewards.

The app will average out how much a user walks over a time period then set a daily goal. Once they pass that goal, they are awarded two points towards whichever card they have linked. The app also has challenges for extra points to beat the daily goal 10 times in two weeks or compete with a friend to hit daily goals 10 times together over one week. According to the How Healthy Are Canadians? report, more than 77 per cent of Canadian adults and nearly 91 per cent of children and youth are not meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. Carrot is changing that through their gamified fitness app.

Bringing in RBC Rewards is a smart choice for Carrot as news broke last year that Air Canada would be ending its relationship with Aeroplan. Now Carrot users have another way to earn points through walking that could one day see them fly to another city or country.

“RBC has an extensive history of supporting and promoting health and wellness in communities around the globe,” said Jacquelina Calisto, VP of global loyalty and rewards at RBC. “That’s why we’re investing in a range of innovative relationships with organizations like Carrot. We understand the importance of well-being in our clients’ lives, and in 2017, we committed more than $15 million to health and wellness programs in Canada.”

Right now, Carrot is only available to Canadians in British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. Earlier this year the app announced that it has given out more than one billion rewards points so far—a number that’s not that hard to fathom considering how popular and important rewards programs have become over the past few years.