Carrot Rewards Has Given Out One Billion Loyalty Points

Advances in healthtech have allowed for amazing discoveries in medicine, but they also show a huge need for wellness-based tech as well.

Carrot Rewards looked to fill that space by combining fitness with rewards points, all based off nudge theory, which shows positive reinforcement as one of the best ways to dictate changing behaviours for the better. So far, the Toronto-based Carrot has done an amazing job, and now they have a new feature along with unveiling massive new milestones.

To date, the app has given out over one billion loyalty points to Canadians as they learn about making positive lifestyle choices. Carrot is also approaching a massive user milestone.

“Just two short years after our launch in British Columbia, nearly one million Canadians have now downloaded our app and we have measurably influenced tens of millions of small and meaningful lifestyle choices from coast to coast,” said Andreas Souvaliotis, founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards.

More than 250,000 Canadian users are on Carrot every day as well.

Carrot works by tracking the steps of users who have downloaded the app, and rewarding them with loyalty points if they pass a certain threshold. That counter then resets the next day. They have partnered with some big rewards programs, including Aeroplan Miles, SCENE Points, Petro-Points, More Rewards Points, and Drop points.

A new feature for Carrot is also rolling out today, called Step Together. It again uses the idea of nudge theory to encourage users to team up with their friends to earn more rewards by achieving their daily goals together. Step Together will look to build on the almost unbelievable stat that shows Carrot users typically see an increase of 20 per cent in daily physical activity.

“We are incredibly proud to broaden our impact on the daily behaviours of Canadians in such a significant way,” said Souvaliotis. “The Step Together Challenge offers our users the ability to team up to get even more active and earn even more of their favourite reward points. This new layer of social support, paired with the power of incentives, is a natural evolution for the Carrot platform, will result in even stronger social impact.”

Canadians who try Step Together will receive double points over the next week as well. Here’s how it works: choose a friend who is also on Carrot, and team up with them to meet step goals. If both of you collectively reach your goals 10 times in a single week, extra points are rewarded.

Carrot received a significant chunk of funding from the Ontario government when they picked up $1.5 million back in the middle of 2017. The government is a strong proponent of using Carrot’s technology and app to drive citizens to make smarter fitness choices.