CentriLogic Extends Canadian Footprint to West Coast with Vancouver Facility

Toronto’s CentriLogic, a provider of managed IT outsourcing solutions, has expanded into the West Coast Canada market with the leasing of a new facility in Vancouver.

This facility extends the company’s Canadian footprint beyond Ontario, where the firm currently owns and operates four data centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

CentriLogic says it has also established redundant private network interconnects from Ontario to Vancouver, ensuring dedicated network connections for optimal security and performance of data transfer between facilities and customer sites.

The expansion is aimed at serving Canadian customers with a West Coast presence or focus, companies requiring disaster recovery capabilities across Canada, and U.S. and international companies with Canadian hosting and connectivity requirements.

Delivering managed hosting solutions to clients in the Western Canada market is a logical next step following CentriLogic’s November 2015 acquisition of Advanced Knowledge Networks, a provider of fully managed Wide Area Network and IT infrastructure solutions with facilities and customers across Canada.

The company plans to invest up to $2 million upgrading the Vancouver facility’s infrastructure for improved redundancy and resiliency, which is located within Vancouver’s primary carrier hotel on West Hastings.

“Safeguarding our critical corporate data requires a fully managed disaster recovery solution that provides both geographic diversity and guaranteed data residency within Canada” says Peter Walkey, CFO at Bayshore HealthCare. “We are working with CentriLogic to construct a solution that fulfills both requirements, securely replicating our sensitive information from our primary site in Ontario to the company’s new facility in Vancouver.”

“Over the past year, we’ve seen increasing demand from enterprise customers to deliver coast-to-coast capabilities for managed hosting solutions, disaster recovery, and private network services in Canada,” says Robert Offley, President and CEO of CentriLogic. “Our expansion into the West Coast market enables us to deliver our end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions across Canada, increasing our geographic reach and extending our capabilities to enterprises requiring adaptable and dependable IT outsourcing solutions nationwide.”

The company recently achieved 60% revenue growth from 2014 to 2015, and notes it is on track to achieve double digit growth in 2016.