Ceridian Announces Plans to Expand and Hire 2,000 Canadians

The new roles will focus on engineering and development sectors for the human resources software platform.

Need to Know

  • Ceridian announced plans to accelerate hiring in Canada with 400 new jobs in 2020 and more than 2,000 over the next five years. 
  • The hiring will focus on engineering, research, and development, and consulting.
  • The new positions will be based at Ceridian’s offices in Canadian major cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Calgary.
  • Since 2013, Ceridian has averaged 300 new hires per year in Canada.


Ceridian’s accelerated hiring plans marks big news for top Canadian tech talent. Over the next five years, the human capital management software company will expand its existing offices in major cities across Canada with the addition of 2,000 positions.

Ceridian has an impressive reach in Canada, processing payroll for approximately one in five Canadians and servicing over 40,000 Canadian customers. In 2019, Ceridian added an additional 800,000 active users to its flagship Dayforce Human Capital Management solution. 

“When we define optimism, it begins with careful preparation, which is diligence. That leads to knowledge, which leads to confidence, and that confidence creates success, and success is reason for optimism. So it all comes back around,” Ceridian’s chairman and CEO told Digital Magazine in 2018.

Dayforce is a Canadian-built comprehensive software platform that manages the entire employee lifecycle. Ceridian hopes that its hiring wave, bringing on top talent from engineering, development, research and consulting disciplines will result in the next generation of software solutions. 

“We are exceptionally proud of the global success of our Canadian-led team and Canadian-built flagship product, Dayforce. Many of our senior leaders are Canadian, including our Chairman & CEO, President & COO, CTO, CIO, and CMO,” said Ossip.

“Ceridian is seeking outstanding Canadian talent, especially software developers and engineers, to create the next generation of ground-breaking HCM solutions,” said Leagh Turner, president and COO of Ceridian and another Canada-native.

Canadian tech talent is in demand. Google recently unveiled plans for three new Candian offices and 3,500 new hires. Shopify also announced 1,000 new tech-focused jobs with their new Vancouver office. 

Of the 400 new hires planned for 2020, 100 are expected to be interns. “Canadian universities produce outstanding talent that can compete with the best and the brightest anywhere in the world. We want these grads to stay in Canada, join our fast-growing cloud company, and work on amazing products that leverage the latest AI, machine learning, and payment technologies,” said Ozzie Goldschmied, Ceridian CTO said in the release. 

Ceridian has hired more than 2,000 employees and has averaged 300 new hires per year in Canada since 2013.