Chart Ranks Canada’s Biggest Internet Companies, Values Shopify and HootSuite Over $1 Billion

The Economist has published an interactive chart showing the biggest internet companies in each country of the world, from the US and Canada to Ethiopia and Iran.

The World Startup Report chart, which you can view in full here, places Canada 12th on the list, which puts our nation in the top quarter globally.

The Economist ranks Ottawa’s Shopify as our third biggest internet company, giving it a valuation of $1 billion. The chart ranks Vancouver’s HootSuite at number two with a valuation of $1.6 billion. The biggest internet company in Canada is Waterloo’s OpenText, valued at more than $6 billion.

The Economist does not provide sources for its valuations. While OpenText is a publicly traded firm, Shopify and HootSuite are both private companies who have not publicly confirmed any valuations. Do you think the chart’s valuations of Shopify and HootSuite are accurate?