City of Vancouver Completes Three-Year, $3-Million Overhaul of Website

The City of Vancouver spent more than $3 million to completely overhaul its website, The new site is designed to be more useful and accessible, the city says, and is the product of three years of consultation and development.

Vancouver first started its online presence more than 15 years ago but over time failed to keep up with technological advances. According to the Vancouver Sun, the city commissioned a survey from Bell Mobility and were horrified to discover that most users hated virtually ever aspect of the old site. Every area of the website was ranked either “poor” or “very poor,” resulting in an overall grade of E.

“It’s been a long time coming,” city spokeswoman Laurie Best told The Province. “It’s not a refresh, it’s a rebuild from the ground up. We’re hoping people will find it easier to do their tasks and be helped online.”

You check out the new site here.