City of Toronto Taps Miovision to Improve Bicycling Infrastructure

The City of Toronto has partnered with Miovision, a Canadian technology company, to provide an analysis of its Bloor Street bike lanes, which arrived recently after four decades of tension among activists and politicians.

The new bike lanes were installed as part of a year-long pilot project to measure the impact of cycling infrastructure on a busy downtown street, the city says.

Miovision’s video processing technology allows for analysis of traffic impacts by providing traffic counts, as well as tracking anomalies. This is the first time the company’s technology has been deployed in Toronto, which it has supplied at no charge.

The University of Toronto’s Transportation Research Institute will assist Miovision to capture and analyze multi-modal traffic data and study changes in traffic operations. Ontario Traffic Inc., the Toronto Parking Authority, and the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation will also be involved in the project.

Miovision Partners Locally to Build Smart Cities

Mayor John Tory says this project will be the most in-depth evaluation of a cycling project ever in Toronto.