CIX Top 20: Igloo Software

Dan Latendre of Igloo Software spoke this morning in Heat one of CIX’s Top 20 companies.  Igloo, a Canadian company, which promotes online communities within a business context focuses on social software for the workplace and the marketplace. With Jim Ballsille as a board chairman, Latendre noted that over the past fifteen years the interwebs have changed drastically. Thus, solidifying the conception and importance of Igloo Software.

Latendre emphasized that companies don’t build products, but that people do. Surprisingly, many business executives don’t know how to leverage social networks and interactions which is where Igloo comes to play, actively. With Motorola as a current client, Igloo wholeheartedly promotes the new wave in online knowledge experiences.

Latendre made the acute observation that the next generation of business culture will be the gen-y segment.  As such, the new business user needs to be empowered at an unprecedented rate.

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