Vancouver’s Claris Healthcare Designs Senior-friendly Tablet

This month, Claris Healthcare launched a new digital tablet with a user-friendly design made specifically for seniors. The Claris Companion offers a piece of mind for busy families and caregivers by allowing them to keep in touch with the older adults and monitor their well-being from anywhere in the world.

Geof Auchinleck, co-founder and CEO of Claris Healthcare, developed the Claris Companion with his 92-year old mother in mind. After seeing the way his she struggled to use basic technology like the television remote control, Auchinleck set to work on a tablet designed to assist older love ones who find technology intimidating and complicated.

“We’re living in an age when most families use some form of digital technology to communicate, whether it’s email, text, video chat or social media,” says Auchinleck. “Unfortunately many seniors are left out of the conversations because they’re not comfortable with or unable to use technology. This can lead to social isolation.”

The Claris Companion works through a secure and simple website. It allows families and caregivers to personalize the tablet by setting features and alerts. By choosing from a few options, the Companion will automatically display photos, emails and texts, as well as medication reminders, wellness surveys and exercise videos. Check-in and “call me” notifications keep love ones notified with the daily activities and wellbeing of the senior. 

Combining the familiar aesthetic of a 1950s television and a bamboo picture frame, Claris Companion functions with a welcoming design. The tablet has large buttons and text, amplified speakers, and a straightforward charging dock allowing seniors to easily navigate and access the features. No configuration is necessary upon receiving the device, because Claris Companion comes pre-programmed for users convenience.

“For older adults, failing to adhere to medication and treatment protocols is one of the leading causes of avoidable visits to the emergency room,” said Paul Sharman, co-founder and COO of Claris Healthcare. “We believe the Companion has the ability to not only engage seniors socially but provide them with a healthcare platform that helps improve medication compliance, prolonging their independence and allowing them to age in place.”

With rapid advancement of modern tablet technology, some may wonder if such simplified versions of iPads will catch on. Claris Companion perhaps are training wheels, guiding seniors gently in the direction of popular tech tools. For those with no upgrade ambitions or desire for new apps, the Companion is a practical option.

Claris Healthcare’s goal is to increase connectivity between seniors and their friends, families and caretakers while reducing unnecessary visits to the hospital. Extensive consultation with health care workers, home care providers, retirement home operators, hospital physicians, community physicians, seniors and family members assisted Claris Healthcare in developing a innovated technology to help seniors continue a safe independent lifestyle.