Cleantech 100 Names 12 Canadian Companies to 2019 List

Hot on the heels of Canada announcing a new cleantech venture fund initiative, another win in the sector has emerged.

The Cleantech 100 has been announced with 12 Canadian companies on the list—a close total to the record 13 companies on 2018’s list. The list brings together companies from around the world that feature the most advanced sustainable tech innovation. The Canadian companies included on the 2019 edition are:

  • Axine Water Technologies (Vancouver)
  • CarbonCure Technologies (Halifax)
  • CoolEdge Lighting (Richmond)
  • Ecobee (Toronto)
  • Enbala Power Networks (Vancouver)
  • GaN Systems (Ottawa)
  • Inventys (Burnaby)
  • Metamaterial Technologies (Halifax)
  • Minesense Technologies (Vancouver)
  • Opus One Solutions (Toronto)
  • Semios (Vancouver)
  • Terramera (Vancouver)

“Consumer pressure will see corporates take more aggressive steps to rein in their carbon emissions over the next 12 months,” says Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS, a leading cleantech investor and incubator in Canada. “Clean technologies will continue to increase–and Canada is in an excellent position to supply them. Canada already punches well above its weight in clean technologies.”

Vancouver was by far the most well-represented city on the list, housing five of the 12 total companies. Toronto and Halifax followed with two cities each.

“Our tenth edition is dominated by innovations for the future of food and mobility, and a decentralized and digitized future not only for energy but for the industrial world more generally,” said Richard Youngman, CEO, Cleantech Group. “This is a far cry from the dominance of hardware, solar and biofuels in the inaugural Global Cleantech 100 in 2009.”

The list itself is a mix of established technology companies as well as early-stage innovators. Ecobee, for example, raised over $125 million in 2018 alone and was named CIX’s innovator of the year, while CarbonCure is busy competing in the Carbon XPRIZE where they could take home a $7.5 million prize.

“Business leaders are proving that positive climate action and profitable business endeavours go hand-in-hand,” says Robert Niven, founder and CEO of CarbonCure. “We’re proud to play a leadership role in this global movement, and are honoured to be recognized for our efforts once again by the Global CleanTech 100.”

Meanwhile, the Government of Canada is taking notice of these leading cleantech innovators as well. In mid-2018, MineSense received $4 million from the federal government, which is just one of Canada’s many investments into cleantech over the last few years.