to Launch Proprietary Eyeglasses Line Compatible With Google Glass has announced that it is planning to launch a line of exclusive eyeglass frames, which will be compatible with wearable technology such as Google Glass, Samsung Gear Glass and others. is best known as in Canada.

“As a leader and innovator in the optical category, we are excited by the rapid evolution of wearable technology and the integration with eyewear,” said Braden Hoeppner, Chief Marketing Officer of

“ has extensive experience developing new frames, with more than half of our sales coming from our own brands. We are developing frames with input from our consumers that will provide a wide array of style choices as the market adopts wearable technology.”

The exclusive eyewear collection will enable customers to choose from a wide selection of frames that can be customized to support a variety of wearable technologies. will install custom frame arms designed to support each technology platform as they are brought to market.

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Established in 2000, (TSX:COA) is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of eyewear products offered through a family of world class websites. The wearable tech compatible frames will launch later this year.