Clearpath Robotics Launches Online Store

If you have ever wanted to build a robot but didn’t know where to begin, Clearpath Robotics has got you covered.

The Kitchener-based robotics company has officially announced the launch of its online store. There’s a line of innovative products for autonomous systems as well as some products for research and development. Some of the parts and bots on offer include 2D and 3D laser scanners, internal measurement units (IMUs), cameras and even full robotic learning kits.

Clearpath typically provides robotics components as an original equipment manufacturer solution for their extensible mobile robots, customers can now purchase their own components for the first time through this online store.

“We are thrilled to partner with industry leaders to allow our customers to source robotics components and sensors easily and efficiently all in one place,” said Julian Ware, research solutions general manager for Clearpath Robotics in a press release.

Prices range from just over $1000 for a bare essentials Turtlebot kit, all the way to “request quote” for some of the internal units and haptic controllers. This essentially means you will have to work a pretty swanky day job to afford these things as a hobby. At least now some new entrepreneurs can see what it costs to bring robotics into their startup and what level of automation they can afford.

Clearpath Robotics is a leader in unmanned vehicle robotics and provides hardware, software and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment and operation. Late last year they raised $30 million to expand their indoor self driving vehicle market.