Vancouver’s Click Realty Aims to Disrupt Hyperlocal Marketing with MyClick Platform

Hyperlocal marketing rightfully is generating buzz these days. But it’s still a huge challenge, one with no shortage of players trying to solve it in some manner.

Arguably it’s a notion that’s been around forever. Long before the Internet, television, radio, and even before print, traveling merchants relied completely on hyperlocal markets to survive. Technology has certainly changed that. Instead of the “word on the street” we’re definitively in the time of big data, metrics, and definitive ROI.

Vancouver’s Click Realty is introducing new technology, a seemingly unique business model and fresh approach to the real estate industry. Click is intent on modernizing the real estate industry by creating an online marketplace including real estate and other related services. Founder Victor Therrien and his team operate with the credo “We share everything.”

It’s been a laser focus on meeting the needs of home buyers and sellers that triggered the significant “light bulb moment.” What Therrien’s team is really building is a local lead optimization platform. Their MyClick platform is designed to give clients a complete system to capture, engage, nurture and convert leads into revenue events. The idea is that knowing what the user is searching for makes the sales process more targeted.

At this point, Click Realty will be mainly focusing on the realtors, mortgage brokers, building developers, and other industry related service providers. These are the markets that Therrien has extensive experience with and present the best markets to focus on. He also feels it the greatest opportunity to provide a disruptive service to the market place.

The plan moving forward is to scale the business and have the MyClick platform spread across multiple retail industries such as auto, home electronics, and furniture, plus other opportunities in home care.

Considering that, in 2011, Google reported the average inbound lead cost was $143, Therrien sees that lowering of lead acquisition costs will make a significant impact for targeted local business marketing. Equally important is the retention of existing leads. The MyClick platform is designed to manage those high value leads, theoretically serving as a key factor in creating additional impact on future top line revenue growth for many locally situated businesses.