‘A Clear Indicator’: Coding Bootcamps Growing at Breakneck Speed, Report Reveals

Coding academies continue to gain traction across North America, according to the latest data from Course Report. The organization’s latest report shows that nearly 18,000 students are expected to graduate from coding bootcamps this year, up from 10,000 last year, and just 2,100 in 2013.

There are coding bootcamps in 69 US cities and 34 states, including 13 each in San Francisco and New York. There are bootcamps in eight Canadian cities across five provinces, including four in Toronto and three in Vancouver.

“The growth over the past four years has been a clear indicator of where the job opportunities are,” says Jason Field, founder of BrainStation, Canada’s largest coding academy.


This year, Full Stack JavaScript surpassed Ruby on Rails for the first time as the most common teaching language, used in 33% of courses. Ruby on Rails remains popular and still accounts for 25% of courses.

There are now more than 90 bootcamps across North America, up from fewer than 70 last year. The average tuition price is $11,400, while the average program length is 13 months.