Coinsquare Set to Tackle Europe with New Expansion

One of Canada’s leading names in cryptocurrency is taking on a new continent with a planned expansion set for later this year.

Coinsquare has announced they will be launching in Europe by the end of 2018. Customers in the European market will have access to all of the coins listed on COo

“Cryptocurrency investors globally want a platform they can trust,” said Thomas Jankowski, chief digital and growth officer of Coinsquare. “Coinsquare is a regulated, fully-compliant trading platform and we’re thrilled to offer the European market the same secure and intuitive interface that we offer to Canadians.”

As one of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, Coinsquare has made a name for itself by being easy to use both in terms of deposit and withdrawal, as well as being above board and transparent in terms of security and new technology. This new move will be the first international expansion under the Coinsqaure brand, but the company has already dabbled abroad. The Toronto-based company recently launched a new licensing platform that enables them to white-label their tech to then be launched in new global markets. A partnership between Coinsquare the Vancouver-based DLTα 21 will result in a new cryptocurrency trading platform being launched in Japan.

The new European expansion will be entirely under the Coinsquare branding, allowing for customers to become familiar with the security and trust factors built into the company.

“Entering on a massive market like the EU is an exciting step closer to Coinsquare’s vision of becoming a global 21st-century financial institution,” said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “Already the premier cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, we are careful in how we expand internationally to ensure we can offer the same high quality, secure service in every country we operate.”

Coinsquare has been aggressively expanding this year, raising $30 million in financing and announcing plans to hire 100 new employees. They have also unveiled an investment fund and portfolio manager they dubbed Coincapital.