Colgate Taps Headspace for Mindfulness Rewards Partnership

Colgate hum users can redeem points for a Headspace membership.

Need to Know

  • Headspace will launch a new suite of programming presented by hum by Colgate, the brand’s smart electric toothbrush.
  • Mindful Moments will encourage Headspace users to treat existing routines, such as brushing their teeth, as opportunities for reflection
  • hum users will be able to unlock a 60-day free Headspace trial by earning 200 Smile Points in the hum by Colgate app.


Headspace and Colgate are teaming up for a new app integration that brings mindfulness to tooth-brushing, and other daily routines.

hum by Colgate, the brand’s smart electric toothbrush, will be sponsoring weekly programming on Headspace called Mindful Moments, which encourage users to see daily routines — like tooth-brushing, of course — as opportunities to “observe and reflect on their thoughts.” As part of the partnership, Colgate will offer free trial memberships of Headspace Plus to hum members, and the opportunity for Colgate hum users to redeem Smile Points for a 60-day Headspace trial.

“Headspace is a perfect partner for hum by Colgate as both of our brands share the mission to reinforce healthy habits, while improving overall health and bringing more smiles to the world,” says Bill Van de Graaf, VP of marketing, North America, for Colgate-Palmolive.  “Uniting our brands offers a powerful opportunity for hum to continue to create unique experiences that are relevant for our millennial consumers’ lifestyle and to reinforce the tie between oral health and overall wellness.”  

Colgate launched hum in September of this year. The smart toothbrush has sensors that track—and help users correct—brushing patterns through membership to its corresponding app. Smile Points are a cornerstone of this membership. Currently, hum users earn one Smile Point every time they brush their teeth, and more when they complete health and wellness challenges within the hum app. Every 100 Smile Points amounts to $1 in redeemable cash with Colgate’s health and wellness partners, including Headspace.

“Headspace’s mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world, and to reach the world it is incredibly important that we meet people where they are,” said Lindsay Shaffer, senior director of partnerships at Headspace. “That is why it’s so exciting to partner with a brand like hum, which shares our commitment to supporting the daily routines, that in just a few minutes a day, help to improve health and happiness. By incorporating mindfulness into your daily brushing routine, you are able to care for your mind at the same time you care for your smile.”

The popularity of mindfulness and meditation apps has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Headspace—which launched in 2012—now has more than 65 million users in over 190 countries.