CopperLeaf Technologies – Next Generation BI for Asset Management

CopperLeaf Technologies CEO, Judi Hess will be the first to tell you, they are not an EAM, BI, PPM or ERP provider.  Their product CopperLeaf 5 will offer a new solution to investment planning and management for asset intensive businesses.  Their next generation of BI will synchronize corporations finance and engineering models, offering a more balanced approach to asset risk assessment and capital prioritization.  Managers will be able to evaluate decision on their financial or technical merits but will also be able to consider energy conservation, carbon footprint and safety.

Gartner recognized Asset Investment Planning AIP as a new market space in 2008.  The market is expected to have CAGR of 23% growing to $1 Billion by 2015.  Major customers for this market will include, hydro and water utilities, oil and gas and transportation companies.

CoppeLeaf’s holistic approach to asset management has caught the eye of key partners including Duke Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, Manitoba Power and BC Hydro.  In one installation the planning efficiencies alone resulted in a 2 year payback. This does not even consider the benefits of ensuring asset availability and risk mitigation.

CopperLeaf is looking for $8-10 Million in investment, in two phases over the next two years to complete development of their product and to grow market awareness and penetration.  They expects sales to top $75 Million with a 16% EBIT within 5 years.