Corus brings ExploreMusic to RIM, Windows mobile platforms

Viigo and Corus Entertainment have teamed up to bring ExploreMusic, Alan Cross’ radio show and web portal about musical discovery, to the Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms. Users will be able to listen to all the music in the ExploreMusic website, as well as follow Cross’ Twitter feed. The app is scheduled to launch August 17th.

Two questions. First of all, Where’s the iPhone app? And secondly, in today’s world of podcasts, near infinite playlists, and streaming radio apps featuring music from around the world and every conceivable niche, is an app based on a radio show even relevant anymore? After all, programs like (except in Canada, for dubious reasons, but expect something to replace it eventually) already bring musical serendipity to the iPhone plaftorm. To be fair, there are doubtless fans of the ExploreMusic show and portal, and they’ll likely enjoy this extension of their user experience. But while tying an app to a radio show might make sense in the short term, in the long term perhaps ExploreMusic should concentrate less on the radio and more on the web.