Startup Incubator Cossette Labs Opens In Vancouver

Cossette Labs, a Cossette initiative designed to help incubate the growth of tech-related startups, is now fully national with the opening of a labs in Vancouver.

Cossette Labs launched in Cossette’s Montreal office in 2012 and in Toronto in 2014 and has hosted approximately 12 startups to date.

Vancouver’s Cossette Labs will operate similarly to the east coast Labs with a hosting period of anywhere from six to 12 months. 

The Labs aims to help accelerate a startup’s development as well as establish a relationship with Cossette personnel and search for cross-market opportunities. The Labs also helps the startup projects by connecting them to real-life opportunities through Cossette clients.

The Vancouver Labs has already brought on board two projects, iHeart and Reach.

iHeart is a fingertip device and mobile app that determines a user’s Internal Age in 30-seconds by measuring Aortic Stiffness.

Reach is an online team collaboration platform that enhances students’ productivity and simplifies their daily lives by placing all student related applications, groups and projects into one centralized place. 

“Cossette has made digital a top priority across our entire organization so it makes sense to reach out to those young entrepreneurs with exciting ideas who just need that little bit of help to take their ideas from concept to reality,” says Nadine Cole, SVP and General Manager of Cossette, Vancouver.

“We’re happy to join with our offices in Toronto and Montreal in providing an environment to help provide that bridge, either in the form of advice or in a physical location where people can come to share their ideas or tap into our expertise and tech services,” adds Cole.