Could Artificial Intelligence Save Small Security Teams?

Protecting company assets is becoming more and more difficult as the presence of malware continues to grow as well as the increasing activity of ill-meaning  individuals who attack businesses. The increase of bad guys on the offense means companies with small security teams due to financial restraints are under greater stress.

Fortunately, malware and hackers aren’t the only things on the rise. The development of artificial intelligence is also growing at a rapid rate. In case you don’t know what AI is, AI consists of systems or devices that can intelligently solve problems.

Here are several different ways small security teams can benefit from using artificial intelligence made possible by a modern commercial security system:

Faster Data Analysis

One of the benefits of implementing AI systems in an enterprise’s security game plan is faster data analysis. As data regarding a company’s security infrastructure and health is collected, small security teams won’t have to spend as much time on data analysis.

AI is consistent and smart enough to crunch the numbers. AI allows small security teams to focus their time on other aspects of company security thanks to the time savings made possible by AI.

Line of Resistance

According to Cyberisk, AI can provide the line a resistance to ongoing attacks when implemented correctly. Companies with a high number of hardware such as mobile devices, smart devices and computers are often targets of cyber attackers.

Algorithms have been developed with the goal of identifying and shutting down real threats. Current algorithms and also algorithms in the future will help security teams anticipate future cyber attacks as well. AI will enable the small security teams of companies all around the world be more proactive as opposed reactive.

Cash Savings

Regardless of the size of a company, companies who implement AI in their security efforts will be able to save. Turning to AI as a solution is perfect for companies who don’t have large budgets to commit towards security.

AI can reduce the amount of resources and energy committed to security. Companies lacking large budgets can turn to AI that will work around the clock to solve problems and eliminate threats. Small security teams won’t have to hire more people if they can’t afford to do so. AI will take on more of the work load while working faster and analyzing more data.

Increase of Growth and Productivity

Not only are small security teams able to save their respective company money by using AI but small security teams are also able to experience an increase of growth and productivity. A report forecasts economic growth in the U.S. from 2.6 percent to 4.6 percent thanks to the adoption of AI technology according to CNBC. Small security teams will be able to focus on helping c-level executives understand data analysis produced by AI being used.

Security staff can also be more productive by working on more effective solutions to threats to their business since AI frees them up to focus on other security issues. Low-level tasks will be turned over to AI and small security teams will be able to focus on higher level problems.

AI will save small security teams

As businesses continue to innovate and adopt the latest technology, AI will be able to save small security teams and help organizations protect themselves from outside threats. AI makes systems and processes more efficient thanks to faster data analysis.

Small security teams using AI will help an enterprise save money all while increasing growth and productivity at the same time. AI will save small security teams as long as small security teams continue innovate and adopt the latest tech available.