Ritual’s Craig Hunter Is Taking His Talents to ChefHero

ChefHero has landed a big fish in the Canadian technology scene with Craig Hunter’s announcement that he is joining their team as the VP of Growth.

ChefHero is an app designed to help chefs and cooks purchase any and all of the supplies they may need through one centralized platform. ChefHero allows you to streamline your ordering, view live prices and customize an order sheet. On top of that, you can coordinate in-app with another chef, target local or organic food and even track invoices. Over 300 companies currently use the free app.

Craig Hunter decided to join ChefHero after realizing he was perfectly positioned to offer his expertise to an industry that needs revitalizing.

“My next move…eventually became a no brainer to partner on something so exciting to me given my experience in both two-sided marketplaces and the restaurant world,” wrote Hunter.

Hunter’s resume is a laundry list of trendy tech companies not only in Canada but across the world. Hunter worked with Uber as an early employee before becoming the CEO of Bitmaker Labs. After that, he went to the food delivery startup Ritual, which won best Mobile App at last year’s Canadian Startup Awards. Hunter is the kind of mind to join a company, make his mark and leave them even more successful than when they started.

“Opportunities like this don’t come about every day,” Hunter adds. “I’m incredibly excited to get back to work.”

As Hunter notes in an interview with the Toronto Star, his most important advice is “deliver value before you ask for value back.” This bodes well for the value of ChefHero as they expand and offer their services to more businesses.