Crowdfunding Joule, the World’s First Caffeine-Administering Bracelet

Joule has launched the world’s first transdermal caffeine bracelet using FDA-approved patches.

Users can enjoy up to four hours of focus and alertness without suffering from a caffeine crash, according to the Toronto company.

Joule’s proprietary patch provides an immediate energy boost the moment it is placed on the skin compared to caffeine through other forms which takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes for the body to absorb. Joule is also safe to wear in conjunction with consuming caffeinated drinks to maintain a base level of caffeine in the body thereby avoiding an uncomfortable spike in energy or a crash.

“The Joule Team is creating a caffeine consumption experience that highlights the highs of caffeine such as a suppressed appetite, heightened athletic performance and mental acuity, all while eliminating the high cost associated with coffee, the jitters and the crash that many caffeine drinkers experience” says Adam Paulin, inventor of Joule.

Joule—not to be confused with this power strip of the same name, also on Indiegogo—has a month left to raise the remainder of its $15,000 goal.