CRTC cracks the whip on GoodLife Fitness: $300,000 fine for telemarketing violation

The CRTC cracked the whip on GoodLife Fitness, fining the fitness centre chain $300,000 for bad telemarketing practices. GoodLife was caught using automated calling devices to solicit members without obtaining their prior express consent.

In addition to forking over $300K, GoodLife was forced to immediately cease its robocalling, publish corrective notices in newspapers and on its website, and “review its compliance policies to ensure ongoing adherence with the CRTC’s telemarketing rules.”

“We appreciate GoodLife’s cooperation during our investigation,” said Andrea Rosen, the CRTC’s Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer. “Telemarketers that inundate Canadians with unwanted phone calls are not engaging in a legitimate marketing practice. We expect the business community to follow the rules at all times, and we will vigorously investigate breaches.”

To date, the CRTC’s enforcement actions have resulted in over $2.1 million in penalties collected on behalf of the Receiver General for Canada and $740,000 in payments made to post-secondary institutions. Consumers may register on the National Do Not Call List or file a complaint about a telemarketer by calling 1-866-580-DNCL (3625).

The CRTC is an independent public authority that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.