Montreal’s FixMeStick Launches First-Ever Consumer-Ready USB Device That Removes PC Viruses

Montreal-based startup FixMeStick has launched what it is calling the first-ever consumer-ready USB device for removing viruses from infected PCs. The Canadian technology company is enabling “everyday users to do what the pros do” by detecting, destroying, and preventing virus infection with a USB device.

“This is about enabling everyone to rid their machines of malware,” says co-founder Marty Algire. “And it will help people continue to enjoy their computers and the Internet.”

“The FixMeStick enables anyone to use the biggest advantage they have over Internet thieves: physical access to the PC,” co-founder Corey Velan explains. “This way, PC owners can use the FixMeStick, a safe external device, to remove infections.”

 The FixMeStick costs $50 unlimited use on three PCs per year. Renewals are $25 per year. The startup says that any quarantine operation is 100% reversible and that it works PC with a minimum of 512 MB of RAM.