D-Wave Launches Leap, a Real-Time Quantum Application Environment

D-Wave Systems Inc, a leading quantum computing startup, has announced the launch of Leap, a free cloud-based Quantum Application Environment (QAE) that gives developers and enterprises real-time access to a live quantum computer.

To help users with quantum application development, the Leap QAE provides a number of additional features, including learning resources and demos, community support and forums, hands-on coding, and open-source development tools.

“We started with quantum computing on D-Wave because we knew we wanted to be where the market was going, and we continue because we want to be a leader in finding commercial applications for the technology,” said Abhi Rampal, CEO of Solid State AI. “With Leap, D-Wave is making systems, software, and support available to help developers and innovators commercialize quantum applications.”

D-Wave continues to advocate for the importance of developing real-world quantum applications, and Leap is a way of removing the barriers to quantum application development and providing developers access to resources.

“Leap can enable hundreds of thousands of developers to write and run quantum applications, without having to learn the complex physics that underpins quantum computers. Anyone of these developers could write the first killer quantum application, solving complex global problems with quantum computing,” said Alan Baratz, CPO and EVP of R&D at D-Wave.

Leap QAE has free and paid plan models for companies, individuals, and government, education, or research sectors to enable access for a wide range of forward-thinking minds.

“While we continue to advance our industry-leading quantum technology, our goal with Leap is to ignite a new generation of developers who will explore, experiment, and ultimately build our quantum application future,” said Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave. “Since day one, D-Wave has been focused on fueling real-world quantum application development. We believe that the Leap Quantum Application Environment is one of the most important steps toward realizing our vision of practical quantum computing to-date.”

D-Wave has always been about spreading the education and use of quantum computing to those who want it. Last year, the company announced an initiative with the Creative Destruction Lab to provide support and instruction via an introductory boot camp. More recently, D-Wave picked up $10 million in funding from the Canadian government as part of a group of cleantech investments.