D-Wave Looks to Foster Quantum Machine Learning Startups Through Creative Destruction

D-Wave Systems this week announced a new initiative with the Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

The Vancouver-based quantum computing systems company will work as a CDL partner to create a new track to foster startups focused on quantum machine learning.

Applicants selected for the intensive one-year program will go through an introductory boot camp led by Dr. Peter Wittek, author of Quantum Machine Learning: What Quantum Computing means to Data Mining, with instruction and technical support from D-Wave experts, access to a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer, and the opportunity to use a D-Wave sampling service to enable machine learning computations and applications.

“Helping to build an ecosystem of quantum AI and machine learning startups who develop applications speaks directly to D-Wave’s vision: bringing quantum computing out of the research lab and into the real world,” said Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave. “The convergence of quantum computing and machine learning will drive significant value to businesses and the world.”

The first cohort will begin in September.

“We are thrilled to have D-Wave as a CDL partner and for our companies to have access not only to their quantum computing and sampling technologies, but also to their world-class team of quantum machine learning experts,” said Rachel Harris, Director of CDL. “Access to D-Wave systems will not only help strengthen learning from the theoretical and applied concepts taught in the boot camp, it will also create an environment of experimentation and exploration of new approaches, and technologies, which lies at the very core of what we do at the Lab.”

Applications for the training program will be accepted in three rounds with dates set for May 29, June 26, and July 24. The program will be provided free to successful candidates, who will also be offered equity financing upon meeting specific launch criteria.