Techvibes is Giving Away $3,500 in Prizes To One Lucky Daily Vibe Subscriber

So by now, you are almost two weeks into your New Years fitness resolution. How’s it going so far? Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge–quite the opposite actually. We’re here to help!

By months-end, you could be hitting the gym with the hottest fitness gear in town—just make sure you’re subscribing to the Techvibes Daily Vibe newsletter.

One lucky winner will take home more than $3,500 worth of gear to keep those resolutions running into February.

The January prize pack will help you with every aspect of your fitness routine, including the new set of Lulu sweats, incredible biometric data from all kinds of devices, a personal digital running coach, a DNA test kit, and even some premium Quantum coffee for those “but coffee first” moments.

Click here to see the whole list.

And it’s really easy:

To enter the contest, simply subscribe to Techvibes’ Daily Vibe newsletter. If you’re already a subscriber, keep an eye out for the Daily Vibe in your inbox and click the contest link or just enter via the contest page. Even if you entered a previous months contest, you must still enter the contest in the month of January to be eligible for the January prize.

But wait! There’s more:

The winner will be randomly selected, but there is a way to seriously increase your chances to win.

You know all those lovely people in your life? Bus drivers, baristas, hairdressers, dog walkers, Doc Walker… you get it. Well when you invite them to the contest, and they enter as well, you will earn five more chances to win. In fact, you can earn up to 250 additional chances to win off these referrals, so send away.

Plus you’re helping connect them to important tech and innovation news. Now you can small talk about anything but your hairdresser’s ex.

One Lucky Winner:

The winner will be selected on February 1, 2017, so you could have another excuse not to cancel your gym subscription for one more month.

Good luck!

Official contest rules.