Darktrace Strengthens Foothold In Canada with New Offices

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of many people’s minds as the theft of private data and attacks from hackers leave some companies scratching their heads.

The Cambridge-based Darktrace isn’t succumbing to those thoughts, as the global cyber defense and AI company announced today that they have tripled their headcount in Canada over the past year and opened new offices in Ottawa and Vancouver to meet the demand for their protective technology.

Customers in Canada using Darktrace’s services are representative of every sort of industry. Public utility company Energy +, retailer Laura, and even the quick-service restaurant Pizza Pizza all use Darktrace’s cyber defense capabilities. The diversity in clientele is important, as any kind of company can be under threat of an attack. Pizza Hut, Dominos and JC Penney have all recently suffered security breaches leading to exposed data from millions of customers.

Darktrace’s services are based in AI and use machine learning and algorithms to mimic the intelligent defense capabilities of a human’s immune system. The Enterprise Immune System automatically detects and responds to threats as they emerge. The platform can be used by any size company, from early-stage to billion-dollar unicorn.

“Continuing pressure on companies to improve their cybersecurity posture is leading many businesses to fundamentally rethink their entire approach to cyber defense,” said David Masson, the manager of Canada for Darktrace. “As large-scale attacks like the recent Equifax breach become increasingly common, a growing number of companies in Canada are looking beyond legacy security tools and signature-based approaches.”

“The risks of intellectual property theft, reputational damage, and loss of consumer trust serve as strong drivers for the accelerated adoption of Darktrace’s AI technology in Canada,” he added.

The company’s continued expansion into Canada is helping to reinforce the country’s status as an AI powerhouse. Darktrace was named to CB Insights’ Artificial Intelligence 100 earlier this year, a list that recognizes emerging private companies in the space.