Datazen Software Acquired by Microsoft

Toronto’s Datazen Software has been acquired by Microsoft.

“Our entire product team is thrilled to join Microsoft and help empower millions of people through mobile data analytics,” Miljan Braticevic, CEO of Datazen, wrote online.

According to Braticevic, the Datazen product stack – server, publisher, and all mobile clients – “will continue to be available in their current form.”

“Our team will continue to develop and evolve the product,” he says. “We have an exciting roadmap and are really looking forward to bringing new features to market.”

Microsoft says the acquisition complements Power BI, its cloud-based business analytics service.

“Over time, we plan to integrate Datazen technology with Power BI to give our customers another hybrid bridge for their on-premises investment to the cloud,” says Kamal Hathi, Partner Director, Cloud + Enterprise at Microsoft.