DateNight App is Like Uber for Babysitting

Attention all working parents: there is now an app to help you find a babysitter more efficiently. Described as an “Uber for babysitting,” DateNight connects parents with experienced and local babysitters.

Parents looking for a babysitter are connected through the app with babysitters from a short list of pre-screened applicants.

“Most parents would love a great babysitter,” says Co-founder Elize Shirdel, “but it’s a daunting, time-consuming task.”

After launching in spring 2014, the DateNight app has revamped its look, adding in scheduling and reminders as new features.

Parents register then select babysitters who live close by for in-person interviews. After the interview, if both the babysitter and parents think they are a good match, they are connected through the app.

In order to qualify as a babysitter on the app, candidates need to have at least two years of experience with kids and be able to provide two child-care related references.

Payments can also be made on the app to the babysitters.

“DateNight is unique because we manage the process of finding a babysitter. There are tons of sites that charge you to access a list of babysitters. But then what? You spend hours, emailing back and forth – getting stood up for interviews at Starbucks? It’s not efficient,” says Shirdel.

With the increase of dual-income households in Canada, parents are in need of more freedom and flexibility. So when that date night comes every month, parents have peace of mind that they can get a babysitter when they need one.

“It makes things a little more fun, a little less stressful and gives you a level of flexibility that parents really appreciate,” she says.

One of their new features sends out occasional reminders to parents to proactively use babysitters. For example, once a month the app might say “Your babysitter Jen is available Saturday – do you want to book a DateNight?”

It’s like having a social planner.

According to Shirdel, the approval ratings between parents and babysitters is over 95%.

“We have great babysitters on the roster so parents aren’t wasting time meeting candidates that they don’t like,” she says.

Soon, the plan is to expand DateNight to more than just babysitting. The app aims to plan parents’ social lives, and do all the social scheduling.

“Next year you won’t have to plan your anniversary dinner,” says Shirdel, “We’ll do it for you.”