Developers: We’re Not Interested in BlackBerry Anymore

A survey was conducted and the developers have spoken.

report released by researcher IDC and Appcelerator has revealed a sharp decline in developers wanting to craft mobile apps for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet, with competing newcomers such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet and Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile smartphones eating up RIM’s share of the valuable developer pie.

While Apple’s iOS platform is still the most coveted operating system to develop more, lower-tier platforms have been undergoing dramatic changes. Microsoft interest rose 8% while BlackBerry smartphone interest plummeted 7% and PlayBook interest plunged 6%. Just 21% of developers are “very interested” in developing for RIM smartphones, and for the tablet, only 13%.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 also decisively moved ahead of RIM’s BlackBerry OS to become the clear number three mobile OS behind iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, the Kindle Fire has ignited some serious interest:

Findings reveal that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire edged Samsung Galaxy Tab as the leading Android Tablet in North America, on par with interest for the iPad prior to its launch in April 2010, and second only to the Galaxy Tab globally with developers.

RIM will have to bank on its 2012 superphones to revive interest from developers or it will fall out of the app race completely—and without apps, a mobile platform is as good as dead.