Dialpad Comes to Canada, Sets Up Shop in Vancouver

Dialpad has opened their cloud-based phone lines in Canada.

The San Francisco-based company announced today the expansion of its enterprise cloud phone system for businesses, including establishing a new office in Vancouver to support national customer growth.

Dialpad combines voice, video, messaging, meetings and document sharing through a single application, integrating with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite.

The company’s move to Canada comes at a time where IT spending in the country is expected to grow to $65 billion by 2020, the result of a five-year growth period creating 50,000 net-new jobs.

“We see Canada as a massively underdeveloped market for our breakthrough pure-cloud communications service. Canada is one of the largest telecommunications markets in the world, representing a massive opportunity to scale Dialpad across the provinces,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad.

Dialpad is currently operating in 39 area codes across the country. The company offers flat-rate calling to users and presents a new alternative for Canadian companies that Walker said have been saddled by legacy telephone system constraints.

“They have been unable to break the cycle of overpriced monthly service fees and confusing long-distance calling plans,” Walker said.

Dialpad recruited Erik Lagerway to head the 20-person Vancouver office. The local telecom startup veteran co-founded Counterpath.

“It has become apparent over the last couple of years that the cloud will soon be dominating small business and enterprise communications in Canada,” said Lagerway. “I’m very excited to lead Dialpad’s expansion into Canada. Our born-in-the-cloud solution is a perfect fit for a market characterized by an extremely high concentration of traditional phone companies that have a stranglehold on customers, pricing, scalability, and coverage. Dialpad is proud to offer our disruptive pricing and innovative services.”

The company said the newly formed Canadian team will provide full-service account management for mid-market and global enterprise customers, as well as for U.S. companies with a Canadian presence.