Digital Retail Apps Raises a Million Dollars to Enable Self-Checkout at Stores by Smartphone

Digital Retail Apps has raised one million dollars.

The startup behind self-checkout solution SelfPay raised the capital from Texas Ventures and multiple US angels.

The Toronto-born company saves shoppers time by skipping the checkout line and allowing them to use their own smartphone to scan in-store items, build a shopping cart and pay in-app using a variety of supported payment methods, such as credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

“We are seeing more and more retailers shift their focus to an app-based payments model, which eliminates the checkout line, as opposed to a tap and pay model,” said Wendy Keith, CEO of Digital Retail Apps. “App and pay is much more convenient to the shopper because it saves them time – they don’t have to wait in line to pay.”

Digital Retail Apps says it will use the funding to help it reach more chain retailers across Canada, the US, and Europe.

“Choice in payments and POS is very important and this is exactly why we built a solution that integrates directly to a retailer’s POS system and offers a choice in payment methods,” said Keith. “We provide the natural evolution of the existing POS and payments ecosystem by extending it to consumers’ mobile devices, making shopping and paying effortless.”