Kit and Ace Partners with Digital Wellness Platform Whil as Workplace Mindfulness Gains Ground

Mindfulness is poised to be a big trend this year, and Canadian companies aren’t missing the boat.

Kit and Ace has partnered with Whil, a digital wellness platform for mindfulness meditation, yoga, and leadership training.

Whil engages instructors to develop training content that is beneficial to teams in the workplace. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson was the lead investor in Whil. Kit and Ace was founded by his wife and son.

“Mindfulness is something that we practice in our personal lives and see great benefits from,” said Shannon Wilson, cofounder of Kit and Ace. “We take pride in being part of innovative companies that encourage people to live out their lives more successfully—Whil makes mindfulness training easy for anyone, including our customers and employees at Kit and Ace.” 

The company has adopted Whil as part of their corporate culture to provide 800 Kit and Ace employees around the world with the tools to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life.

“We live in an on-demand, always on world. While those are great taglines for business, they aren’t good for human beings,” explained Joe Burton, CEO at Whil. “Mindfulness provides the ability to recharge and reduce stress in a world that’s moving faster every year.”