Fast-Growing Diply a Fun Place to Work, Employees Say

When the internet was first created for public use, there were very few websites to choose from.

Since then, the web and its various incarnations have changed the world in which we live, the way we interact with technology and arguably the course of humanity itself. It also has changed the way we enjoy entertainment as a whole.

Content on the web these days is as plentiful as marshmallows at a hot chocolate factory but finding content that’s worthy of your time can be a difficult skill to learn. So why learn? Relax and head to They are one of the most successful content aggregators around and also a great place to work.

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“Diply is one of the fastest growing websites in internet history with a focus on fun content. Started in 2013 it took us just two short years to become a global leader, consistently delivering engaging, high-quality viral content to over 130 million users every month. Our network of influencers is also among the largest online and we are the second largest publisher on Facebook,” says Maria Alexopoulos the Director of Video Production.

“We started in 2013 with two employees and currently have around 130. [We were] a very atypical start up as we were profitable within first two months of business and by the end of 2014 we had little over 2 billion page views on our site and took the number two spot second only to the giant BuzzFeed in online entertainment,” she added.

Chief Technology Officer Gurminder Kandola had this to add about their continued expansion. “We are planning to expand our team and add offices globally in 2016 and adding creative people in almost every department. The age of video is here to stay and we’re constantly adapting within the evolving landscape to ensure we meet audience demands. We are heavily focused on scaling and creating new efficiencies that allow us to produce content on a large scale while experimenting with new technology.”

Diply also has what might be considered an unusual workday. “A typical work day at Diply might include exploding soap in the microwave, talking to a celebrity about their social media page or working with technologies that are not even on the market yet in our development team. So when we say it is fun to work here we really mean it!”

Marija Vukic is the Manager of Talent Acquisition at Diply and a great promoter of the company lifestyle. “The opportunity to work at Diply is a chance to be on the leading edge of digital media at the biggest social media company in Canada. It takes hard work and sometimes long hours but our employees feel it is well worth it. We also have free food, lots of fun company events and cast employees in articles and videos.”

Further to Marija’s point, Diply is hiring. “This year we will be looking for developers, product and data people along with more creative positions in our content departments. If you have a passion for social media you should definitely check us out. All our opportunities can be seen on our site and you can also visit our DiplyCareers social pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to get a look inside our culture and company. Our employees use the hashtag #DiplyAtWork to capture their day to day so candidates can get a candid look at what it is like to work at Diply.”