DirectVoxx Muso delivers a Hands-Free iPod

Calgary-based DirectVoxx Inc. is attending’s Holiday Preview Event today in in New York where they will be unveiling the Muso, a pocket-sized accessory for the iPod and iPhone that allows users to access their music with natural voice commands. The Muso synchronizes with the user’s iTunes library directly on first use and requires no training. Acting as the user’s personal DJ, the Muso also allows users to make requests such as “play me something like the last song.” Using patent pending technology, the Muso will search the user’s library and play music that matches what they have asked for in no time at all.

The initial version of the Muso will be available for the 2008 Christmas gift-giving season but will be limited to working with the iPod Nano. However, the company is working on a universal version of the Muso for all iPod and iPhone models. Having perfected a natural voice control technology that works out-of-the-box with no training is a huge accomplishment and DirectVoxx is currently in talks with several corporations who are interested in adapting the company’s core natural voice recognition technology into a variety of consumer electronics. DirectVoxx was founded in 2006 and is a private company. If this works as well as the video demonstrates, DirectVoxx is ripe for acquistion or an investment.