District M Launches New Ad Technology Touch

Finding long-term success in scaling and reaching mobile customers is how companies must view the future of marketing—and district m is paving the way.

The Montreal-based company launched touch today, a high-impact mobile ad format designed to reach customers on their smartphone or mobile platform. Touch is a user-activated format that complies with internationally-accepted ad standards and is available in multiple configurations.

“More consumers are living and working by their mobile devices, with the average person interacting with their cell phone more than 2,000 times a day,” says JF Cote, district m’s CEO. “Although a powerful technology, mobile is a very small, finite physical space and consumers have made it very clear that they don’t want to be distracted with intrusive advertising that overshadows editorial content. With touch, we are offering consumers a discreet ad format that doesn’t disrupt their online experience while inviting their engagement.”

Touch is placed discreetly at the bottom of a screen, offering an engaging experience without intruding on any kind of editorial content. As a viewer or reader moves down the page, the ad’s interactive features are activated, bringing in more engagement.

The idea is to create a reactive experience as the user naturally progresses through an article or page, making sure they are engaged when they need to be.

“We are excited to introduce touch to our clients, giving them an exciting new format to showcase their brands,” says Adrian Pike, district m’s CMO. “Incredibly easy and quick to implement, touch is the perfect solution to capture mobile consumers’ increasingly short and distracted attention spans. The creative formats are eye-catching but offered non-intrusively and I’m confident that consumers will embrace its highly-interactive features and enable advertisers to further showcase their brands in the mobile space.”

District m received $8 million in funding just over a year ago to grow its advertising platform. The company has offices in Toronto and New York as well.