Domino’s Rolls Out Pie Pass to Streamline Digital Orders

Pie Pass allows carryout customers to bypass the line, heading straight to the counter for a personalized pizza pick-up experience.

Need to Know

  • With Domino’s new Pie Pass program, carryout customers can bypass the line and head straight to the counter for a speedier pizza pick up. 
  • Customers place their order using Domino’s mobile app and check-in via the Domino’s Tracker once they’ve arrived at the store. 
  • Once checked in, Domino’s staff are alerted to prep the order. When ready, the customer’s name is displayed on a digital board and Domino’s staff simply hand off the hot pie to the customer. 
  • 65% of all Domino’s orders now come through digital channels.


Former Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle once described the quick-service chain as a “technology company that sells pizza,” and roughly five years, later the brand continues to develop inhouse tech features that simplify and enhance its customer experience—this time with Pie Pass.  

“We know that carryout customers value speed and simplicity, and that is exactly what they’ll receive with Pie Pass,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s CIO. “Gone are the days of waiting for your carryout order—now when customers arrive at the store, they’ll be greeted by name on our digital signage and handed their order. It’s the ultimate VIP carryout experience where customers don’t have to be a regular customer to be treated like one.”

Domino’s Pie Pass in action.

Pie Pass piggybacks off Domino’s existing mobile app. Customers place their orders through the app, check-in via the app and receive their pizza in-store when a large digital screen displays their name. A quick and easy hand-off with no waiting in line and a personalized digital greeting all funneling customers towards more mobile app signups and more digital orders. Currently, 65% of all Dominos orders now come through digital channels. 

Last year the largest pizza chain in the US added real-time GPS tracking technology to its app. Staying inline with competing third-party food delivery apps like UberEats, customers were now able to track the progress of their order all the way from creation and cooking to delivery.  

Pie Pass, paired with a real-time GPS enabled Mobile App, and a customer favoring Piece of the Pie rewards program (in Canada, one purchase over $10 = 10 points and 60 points = a free pizza) gives Domino’s a strong footing in an oversaturated QSR market. With most restaurants looking to third-party apps to solve their delivery hurdles, Domino’s opting to keep everything in house explains how they are able to remain the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales.