dPoint Technologies Acquired by Zehnder Group

Zehnder Group, a provider of solutions for indoor climates, has aquired dPoint Technologies, maker of polymer membranes for enthalpy recovery systems.

The European company scooped up the Vancouver-based firm for an undisclosed sum. Zehnder already owned 33% of dPoint prior to the acquisition.

“Investing in dPoint represents an important strategic step in the evolution of Zehnder Group into a leading global supplier in the hygienic enthalpy recovery sector – recovering the heat and humidity from the indoor air,” explained Dominik Berchtold, CEO of Zehnder Group.

dPoint specializes in the development and manufacture of membranes for enthalpy recovery systems and is a global market leader in this field. The membrane is the centrepiece of systems which transfer both heat and humidity, increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings.

dPoint was founded in 2004 and employs approximately 40 people. The company says it is preparing for another growth phase and will invest in new products, production facilities and growing its market presence.

“We will continue our partnerships with the customers who have contributed towards the strong growth of dPoint and see that the acquisition by the Zehnder Group will put us in an even stronger position to supply them with high-performing technology and help us achieve our vision of becoming the leading global supplier of energy recovery components,” states James Dean, CEO of dPoint.

Zehnder Group develops, produces and markets radiators, ceiling-mounted heating and cooling systems as well as ventilation and air cleaning systems.