Draw Music with LeafNotes’ SoundBrush iPad App

Waterloo’s LeafNotes has made a serious pivot—from a student note sharing platform to an iPad app that allows you to draw to create music. 

Enter SoundBrush.

Imagine being able to draw your music. Yesterday, LeafNotes launched SoundBrush, an iPad app that lets you do just that.

SoundBrush is a completely new way of creating music on touch-based devices.  

While some apps provide you with an image of an instrument that plays like the real one, the SoundBrush app provides a canvas that lets the non-musical compose by simply drawing. Using four different colors, each with its own instrument, anyone can create a dynamic and full textured musical masterpiece.  

SoundBrush is currently available for the iPad in the App Store and retails for $1.99. LeafNotes was co-founded by Basil Al-Dajane and Jayson Rhynas in 2011.