Driver Tipping Feature Added to Uber

Uber riders in 121 US and Canadian cities can now tip their drivers.

After testing the gratuity feature in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston, the app now allows passengers to select a pre-set or custom tip amount at the end of a trip as an additional thank you for good service. UberEATS customers will also have the option to tip after a food delivery.

Uber has held off introducing driver tipping for six years. While the company says tipping is “neither expected nor required,” the change puts Uber more in line with traditional cab companies. Its ride sharing rival Lyft has always allowed its user to tip drivers.

Tipping doesn’t replace Uber’s star-rating system. In fact, to ensure a rider’s rating isn’t affected, drivers won’t know if they were given a few extra dollars until after a ride is completed. Driver’s also won’t be able to see which passengers did or didn’t tip them in an effort to protect rider privacy.

The move is part of Uber’s 180 Days of Change, an initiative to win back company support and retain its fleet of drivers.

“You told us what you want and it’s time we step up and give you the driving experience you deserve, because simply put, Uber wouldn’t exist without you,” the company wrote on their website.

To appeal to its behind-the-wheel workers, Uber’s pickup waiting window will shorten from five minutes to two minutes with Uber riders facing an additional fee if they arrive outside of the window.

Although the new feature is currently limited to select major cities, drivers won’t have to wait long. Tipping will come to all North American cities by the end of July.